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Last updated: 29th November 2006

investdrinks is happy to provide links to the following organisations, merchants and other wine sites. Some of the companies offer advice on drinks investment and a few offer a drinks investment service. These links are offered solely for the putative investor's consideration and it is assumed that investors will research the advice and packages offered as well as the companies before making any investment. Links to are free. I have no financial interest in the companies listed, although I do contribute to some of the magazines and wine sites listed. Please contact me at to arrange a link.

Sites in each category are ordered by Web address.

Advice and Help for Investors

Companies House (UK)
Information on all Ltd and plc companies in the UK plus information on company law etc.

Crimes of Persuasion
Very informative and useful site on telemarketing fraud run by Les Henderson in Ontario. Gives details on schemes and tricks of the trade used by fraudsters. The technique of making friends with elderly people was used by some of the salesmen in the claret web.

Fraud Aid
Gives advice on what to do if you have or think you have been defrauded.

Fraud Bureau
'This a free service, established to alert online consumers and investors of prior complaints relating to online vendors including sellers at online auctions and to provide consumers, investors and users with information and news on how to safely surf, shop and invest on the net.' This extremely useful site explains the classic scams, how to spot and avoid them and is relevant not just to Internet scams.


Charles K Ponzi Web site
The life and frauds of Charles Ponzi who gave his name to Ponzi schemes.

Modus International Ltd
Company advises on and investigates corporate fraud.

Quatloos - scams and frauds exposed
Sites covers a range of frauds including advance fee fraud (including Nigerian 419s), multi-level marketing and tax protestors along with advice on how to spot a scam. It includes the following advice about Private Placement Memoranda:
'Private Placements: So-called Private Placements are an investment which can in some states in some very limited circumstances, be sold without registration with your state securities commission. Many (perhaps most) of these are scams, and even the legitimate ones are so risky that they are unsuitable for most people, and so you should probably just avoid them. Never, ever invest in a private placement without first consulting a qualified, independent attorney and having him do some investigation. Private placements are really only suitable for people who have a great deal of wealth, and who can "gamble" a very small portion of their wealth on a particular project. But that's exactly what it is, a gamble, and so don't make the investment unless you can stand to lose every penny of what you invest.'

Serious Fraud Office
The Serious Fraud Office is an independent government department that investigates and prosecutes serious or complex fraud. It is part of the UK criminal justice system.

Sweet Chilli Sauce
Often hilarious site run from Australia that plays along with the Nigerian 419 letters. Also has links to other sites especially those also concerned with the 419 scams.

Malt Whisky Buyers Helpline
This organisation was set up to help people who had bought malt whisky as an 'investment'. They now also help people who have bought other drinks investments. There is a small charge to join. Their email address is

'In the 2 years since its inception we have recovered over £5 million from credit card companies and have advised well over 3000 people. Letters and calls are being received daily requesting help and guidance. To take advantage of the "Helpline" facilities you can join us for a annual fee of £10 (£15 for those living abroad.)'

World Wide Scams
Site providing links to sites exposing scams around the world, includes one that covers the Nigerian money scam.

  Drinks industry organisations

Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac
Organisation that administers and promotes Cognac.

Portuguese Cork Association that is defending real cork.

New Zealand Wine Guild

The Scotch Whisky Association

New Zealand Wine Screwcap Wine Seal Initiative
Site for a New Zealand initiative that is doing much to change people's perception about the best way to seal a bottle of wine.

Sopexa UK
Promotes food and wine from France.

Wine Australia

The Wine and Spirit Association

  Auction Houses
  Butterfield & Butterfield

Tel.: (44) 020 7839 9060
Fax: (44) 020 7839 1611
Fine wine auctioneers who have pledged not to supply the claret web.

Tel.: (44) 20 7293 6423
Fax: (44) 20 7293 5961

The Chicago Wine Company
Tel.: (1) 847 647 8787
Fax: (1) 847 647 7265


  Merchants / Brokers / Importers


Australian site headed by Len Evans and James Halliday.



Les Delices du Net
French gastronomic products (foie gras etc.) and wine from Delices de Daubenton shop in Paris.

World Marechal
Internet seller of fine wines and food



Mitchell & Son

The Wine Centre
Irish online fine wine brokers & shippers



Victor Hugo Wines



Umbrella site for Adnams brewery, beers, wines, pubs and hotels.

John Armit Wines Ltd
Fine wine brokers who have pledged not to supply the claret web.

Ballantynes of Cowbridge
Has undertaken not to supply the claret web companies.

Berkmann Wine Cellars

Berry bros & Rudd
Fine wine brokers who have pledged not to supply the claret web.

Bibendum Wine Ltd
Has undertaken not to supply the claret web companies.

Bordeaux Index
Regrettably they have refused to join the pledge not to supply the claret web scamsters.

Brizard & Co
Company offering a range of gifts for wine enthusiasts - books, wine racks, corkscrews etc.

Cave Cru Classé Ltd
Fine wine brokers who have pledged not to supply the claret web.

Chiantishire Wines

Corney & Barrow
Fine wine brokers who have pledged not to supply the claret web.

Farr Vintners
Tel.: (44) 020 7821 2000
One of the biggest brokers in the world. Regrettably they have refused to join the pledge not to supply the claret web scamsters.

John E Fells & Sons Ltd

Fine & Rare Wines Ltd.
Tel.: (44) 020 8960 1995
Fine wine brokers who have pledged not to supply the claret web. Their site usefully lists prices of many fine wines. Fine & Rare's prices are often amongst the lowest, so this is a very good price comparison.

Fine wines and food

James Nicholson
Northern Ireland's leading merchant

Lay & Wheeler Ltd
Tel: 01206-764446
Long established, exemplary independent wine merchant who has kept pace with the changing wine world.

Lea & Sandeman
Very good wine merchant with four shops in London

Magnum Fine Wines plc
Fine wine brokers who have pledged not to supply the claret web. Offers wine investment advice.

Majestic Wine Warehouses

Premier Cru Fine Wine Investments Ltd
Have been offering wine investment portfolios since 1994.

Richard Kihl Ltd.
Fine wine brokers who have pledged not to supply the claret web.

Seckford Wines Ltd.
Fine wine brokers who have pledged not to supply the claret web.

International Wine Management
Offers a wine portfolio management service although does not sell wine.


James Tait Wines Ltd
Fine wine brokers who have pledged not to supply the claret web.

Tanners Wines Ltd.

Turville Valley Wines
Fine wine brokers who have pledged not to supply the claret web.

T&W Wines Ltd

Vintage Roots
Organic wine, beers and spirits

Waxman Wine
Mailorder specialist in Loire wines.

Cochonnet Wines

Peter Wylie Fine Wines
Has pledged not to supply the claret web. Specialises in old wines and also offers a wine investment system.

Yapp Brothers Ltd.



Wine Commune
On line wine auction company

Site specialising in selling wines from the Pacific Northwest and california.

  Web Wine Merchants

Site set up with backing of Booths supermarkets and intending to offer 35,000 wines or virtually all wines available in the UK. Editorial content is supplied by Wine magazine.


Virgin Wines
Includes the wine wizard.

  Magazines Publications and Booksellers
  AIM - Alcohol in Moderation

Decanter magazine

John Roberts wine books
Good list of rare and out of print wine books.

harpers - the wine and spirit weekly

Lyon Mag
The magazine that upset the Beaujolais producers big-time. Following a court case bought by 56 syndicats and four groups of négociants the magazine was ordered to pay ahuge fine - Euros 350,000 - for quoting an expert who described much Beaujolais as 'vin de merde' (crap wine). Part of the fine has been suspended but Lyon Mag still faces closure and deserves your support. Follow the Mayor of Lyon and sign the petition of support.

Mitchell Beazley
One of the world's leading drink book publishers.

The Polish Vodka site /
Comprehensive and reliable guide to the Polish vodka industry and the many varieties that it produces.

Jancis Robinson and Hugh Johnson: The World Atlas of Wine

Magazine edited and published by Peter Winding, Denmark's leading wine writer.

Websters International Publishers
Publishers of wine books, including of many of Oz Clarke's books with Little, Brown and Company.

Wine Spectator

  Wine Sites


Bob Campbell MW
Bob is New Zealand's leading wine writer.

Bordeaux Wine Enthusiast
Self-explanatory site run by young American, Ben Nelson.

Cephas wine and vineyard photo library

Cork Masters
Site that promotes natural cork.

Cork and closures debate
Site set up by Robert Joseph to provide an unbiased forum to debate the merits of natural cork, plastic cork, screwtops etc.

English Wine
Set up by Stephen Skelton who has just published The Wines of Britain and Ireland (faber & faber)

Robert Parker
Robert Parker's site

Financial Wines Limited
Newly launched subscription service (April 2001) offering a price information service for wine buyers and investors.

The Greek Wine Guide
Nico Manessis is the world's leading authority on Greek wine.

Hic by Julian Curry
Highly recommended one man presentation based on Hugh Johnson's History of Wine

Jancis Robinson MW
Site run by one of the world's most respected wine writers. It has wine and food news and views.

Janet Price - photographs of vineyards etc.

John Radford's Wine Site
Author of the award winning book "The New Spain".

Local Wine Events
Website run by Eric Orange, listing wine events around the world. Listings are free.

Revue Vins de France
Site of France's leading and most authoritative wine magazine.

Master of Wine in Burgundy
Website run by Hafsa Logerot.

Jeremy Oliver
This site includes database on Australian wine and back issues of Jeremy Oliver OnWine.

Oz Clarke

Patrick Eagar Photo Library
Eagar specialises in wine and cricket pictures

Food & Wine from France (Sopexa UK)
Links to various regional French wine sites.

Steven Morris Photography

Malcolm Gluck's superplonk is now online with recommendations of what wines to buy from some 40 UK supermarkets and wine merchants.

Stephen Barrett's Wine Site
Home of The Original Wine Entertainer and Stephen Barrett's Juicy Wine Tours

The Beverage Tastings Institute is based in Chicago. Will have comprehensive notes on Bordeaux 2000.

The Wine Doctor
Chris Kissack's wine site.

James Gabler's Site

Tony Aspler
Tony is Canada's best known wine writer.
Extensive listing of links to wine sites

Guide to American wineries, includes Alaska.

Whitley on Wine
Robert Whitley is a journalist and broadcaster based in San Diego.

Wine Alley
"Let's share the passion for wine."

Wine Anorak
Interesting site run by wine enthusiast Jamie Goode.


Wine & Dine e-Zine
Established in 1995 and one of the original wine ezines. It receives around 120,000 hits a month.

Association of Wine Educators

Brazilian site that is claimed to be the largest content portal of Brazil related to wine

Wine Lovers Page

Wine of the Week
Informative New Zealand edited by Sue Courtney.

Wine Pages
Tom Cannavan's extensive site was established in 1995.

Wine profiler
Swedish site that undertakes to update the value of your cellar to take account of movements in auction prices. Costs SEK 2000 to join.

Wine Prophet
Service run by James Herrick offering financial and business advice to people in the wine industry.

Lists release dates for American wines plus good links page.

Chicago Wine School
Long established school run by Patrick W Fegan.

Wine Searcher
Described as a 'Gateway to specialist wines' this very useful site lists fine wine prices for 153599 wines from 353 merchants (as of May 1st 2000).
joint tie-up with and

Wine Today
One of America's leading wine sites and a subsidiary of The New York Times Company.

Wine Trends
General advice on buying plus plotting trends from Christie's and Sotheby's auctions since 1997.

The Circle of Wine Writers
The Circle has over 220 members. This page gives details of its activities and publications

The Wine & Spirit Education Trust
Organisation that offers wine education courses to the trade and also to the public. New offering for 2001 - lectures on wine investment.

Site dedicated to one of the world's most interesting grape varieties.

  Wine and Spirit Producers


Chain of Ponds

d'Arenberg Wines, McLaren Vale

Australia's oldest family owned winery.



Stylish wine producer



Recently formed association of French sweet wine producers, dedicated to making naturally sweet wine, i.e. without the assistance of added sugar. Only 13 producers so far but top quality.


High quality family producer

Hugel & Fils
A leading grower and négociant.

F. E. Trimbach
A top Alsace producer


Château Laballe
Producer in Bas-Armagnac


Peter A. Sichel

Vignobles Germain


Bouchard Père et fils
Once faded but famous Burgundy house now revitalised by Joseph Henriot.

Jean-Marc Brocard
Important and high quality Chablis producer.

Daniel-Etienne Defaix, Domaine du Vieux-Château
One of the best Chablis producers.

Union des Grand Cru de Chablis

Michel Laroche
Leading Chablis producer with an estate in the Languedoc as well as a venture in Chile.

Moët & Chandon
The world's largest Champagne producer


Top quality Champagne

Also very high quality

Champagne Lanson

Moët & Chandon
The world largest Champagne producer

Pol Roger



Syndicat de l'AOC Corbieres

Big Frank Chludinski

Les Vignerons de Camplong
Small and dynamic co-operative in the Corbières. Site has details of the wine plus local tourism.

Cave Co-operative of Embres et Castelmaure
One of the most dynamic and forward looking co-operatives in southern France.

Mas de Daumas-Gassac
One of the top estates in the Midi


Henri Bourgeois
One of the most dynamic producers in Sancerre. Now with an estate in New Zealand.

Château de Chaintres
Walled vineyard in Saumur-Champigny.

Coulée de Serrant
Famous biodynamic producer in unique appellation in Savennières.

Important and good family producer in Chinon.

Domaine Filliatreau
Saumur-Champigny's largest individual grower.

Guilbaud Frères
Long established Muscadet producer and a member of Club Vignobles & Signatures.

Huet SA
One of the great estates of the Loire.

Patrick Baudouin
Stunning sweet wines from dynamic producer (with strong opinions) in the Coteaux du Layon (Loire Valley).

Paul Buisse
Grower and négociant in Montrichard.

Château de Fesles
Leading Loire estate at Bonnezeaux


Château de Beaucastel
A top estate in Châteauneuf-du-Pape

Les Vignerons du Mont-Ventoux
Co-operative in the shadow of the Ventoux.

M. Chapoutier
Important grower and négociant in Rhône with interests Australia, Provence and Roussillon.

Les Vignerons de Canteperdrix
Large co-operative in Mazan.

E. Guigal
Important quality producer and négociant in the northern Rhône.

Covers the whole of the Rhone, this is the most dynamic of all the French regional wine bodies.


Domaine Cazes
Biggest family producer in Roussillon with stunning fortified wines.

South-West France

Alain Brumont




Dynamic, high quality producer in region not over-blessed with good wines.


Dynamic and experimental producer in Montepulciano

Large producer in Montalcino - American owned

Castello di Bossi
Long established and good Chianti producer

Il Poggione
Top quality Brunello producer

Castello di Volpaia
Chianti producer also offering accommodation


One of Italy's leading producers with estates in Tuscany, Umbria and Puglia.


Arnaldo Caprai
Leading producer in Montefalco



Stefano Inama is one of the leading quality producers in Soave. His wines bear no relation to the bland, boring, cut-price Soaves.

La Cappuccina
Organic Soave producer. Their family owned Alpone restaurant is nearby.

One the leading high quality producers in the Veneto. Big range of wines including Amarones.

Long established, high quality Soave producer.



Lingenfelder Wine Estate
Rainer Lingenfelder is a dynamic and open-minded producer - one of Germany's best.



J Wray & Nephew (UK) Ltd
UK site of one of world's great rum producers that includes the Appleton Estate rums.


New Zealand

Cloudy Bay
Still the country's most famous producer.

Felton Road
High quality producer, especially Pinot Noir, down in Otago - the deep south of NZ.

Grove Mill
Good range of food friendly wines

Jackson Estate
High quality Marlborough producer. One of the leaders of the screwtop initiative.

New Zealand Screwtop Initiative
Because of the problem of cork taint, there is a growing movement in New Zealand towards using screwtops rather than corks.

Tohu Wines
The first Maori owned New Zealand wine producer.

Villa Maria
Second largest NZ producer with deserved reputation for quality. All wines will be in screwtop from 2002.



Fonseca Port

House of Sandeman
Port and sherry producer

Taylor's Port

Symington Family Port companies



González Byass
Sherry producer especially Tio Pepe

Tio Pepe
Site for the relaunched Tio Pepe




On of the top producers especially the Almacenista wines.



English Wine Producers

Islay whisky producer now being revived




Bonny Doon
Successful brand and winery run by Randall Grahm, one of the most perceptive commentators on wine.

Frogs Leap
Good wines and well designed site.

Fine producer of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay in Carneros

New York State

Bully Hill Vineyards
This winery boasts an interesting range of labels.


Wine producer in Oregon as well as North West Italy.

King Estate
Ambitious, high quality producer

  Food Sites


Gérard Boulay
Top quality producer of Crottin de Chavignol (goats' cheese) in the heart of the small eponymous village, close to Sancerre.



Food Commission
Campaigning for the right to safe, wholesome, affordable food which is produced sustainably and with respect for animal welfare.

Northfield Farm
Naturally reared meats.

  Bonded Warehouses
  London City Bond


  Internet Wine Exchanges
  Liv-Ex /
Online trading for fine wine professionals. Compiles a list of best offers from over 30 merchants and brokers - available on subscription. Has undertaken to refuse direct access to the claret web companies.

World Wine Exchange
Trading floor. Site has a useful independent wine price ticker giving current prices of frequently traded wines. Has undertaken to bar any dubious wine investment companies.

  Bed and Breakfast in the Vineyard


La Bastide des Corbières
Attractive rooms and high quality evening meal in village of Boutenac in the Corbières.


Castello di Monastero
Large accommodation complex in old monastery close to Siena

Very comfortable accommodation, near Orte

  Other Sites
Last minute bookings in UK restaurants at a reduced price.

Cookie Dude Web Design
The company that created this site. Cutting edge Web designers and Flash specialists they are, but they still offer complete sites for under £200. They certainly know which century this is.

Very quick and efficient search engine.

NeoRealEstate & Post Your Property &
Michael Stark's sites offer free property listing internationally for owners and agents. Stark is a licensed real estate agent in California.