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"Experts say Bordeaux is the best place to start for novice investors, though the Burgundy region also offers good opportunities. There are about 25 top chateaux in Bordeaux. Collecting wine should be viewed as a long-term investment, typically between five and ten years. And investors should be wary of rogue traders. Visit to read about recent fraudulent activity."
Jo Thornhill, Mail on Sunday, 3rd March 2008.

"The fine wine market attracts its fair share of conmen looking to make a fast buck, so investors should be on their guard. Website, run by wine investment expert Jim Budd, is a good place to start and lists dodgy dealers and traders to avoid. Budd warns of the importance of doing your own due diligence on bonded warehouses as many have gone bankrupt or been closed down by Revenue & Customs. A quick check with Companies House at can show the recent report and accounts of wine merchants."
Investing in wine makes a case for profit, Jo Thornhill, Mail on Sunday, 23rd July 2007.

"Grilled - Jim Budd, scourge of all wine investment scammers, on truth and unsavoury vengeance.", 23rd May 2007.

"This is a simple site, naming and shaming the dodgy companies and giving useful web-addresses to help you recover your money. For non-investors, the links section is an invaluable portal to other drinks sites approved by the author. A site to trust."
Martin Isark, Scotland on Sunday, 21st January 2001.

" is essential viewing for the wine investor."
Clare Stewart, The Times, 27th January 2001.

"In the meantime, make every effort to visit for its sound general advice and its fearless naming and shaming of dodgy companies."
Joanna Simon, The Sunday Times, 11th March 2001.

"One good way to research investing in wine is to use the Internet - sites like and Lots of information and warnings."
BBC Radio 4, Money Box, 31st March 2001.

"Other sites listing market prices and other information are and"
Financial Times, 5th/6th May 2001.

"One of the main campaigners against alcohol-related investment fraud is Jim Budd, a drinks industry journalist who has established the Web site to get his message across. The site, based in Canada, provides key details such as past cases, dodgy directors and links to prosecuting authorities and other Web sites."
Rob Griffin, 'Vintage con that's so easy to swallow', Sunday Business, 20th May 2001.

"If you are new to the game, the best advice is to deal only with a reputable merchant (wine writer Jim Budd has an excellent Web site called, which details some shady operators), buy the best châteaux you can afford and read the reviews ( already has one experts' tasting notes)."
Sarah Kemp, Buying 2000 en primeur, Decanter, June 2001.

"If you need any proof of just how outrageous the activities of these charlatans are, log on to where investigative drinks writer Jim Budd reveals all about the dodgy deals that have been offered and the results where the offenders have been prosecuted.' 'Budd's site is an impressive compilation of information and also efficient to use. It is very quick to download and easy to navigate and find out, for example, what you should pay if you want to buy the likes of Latour and Palmer."
Liz Sagues, Ham & High, 13th July 2001.

"Fortunately, a leading wine journalist called Jim Budd has a website ( which alerts potential victims to the latest vinous Arthur Daleys."
Nicholas Faith, Independent on Sunday, 19th August 2001.

"Le mordant de Jim Budd
Un autre journaliste britannique, Jim Budd, n'en reste pas aux avertissements et fait preuve de mordant pour démarquer les arnaquers. Son site, consacré aux dangers entrainés par des investissements trop hazardeux dans le vin et les spiriteux, est édifiant. Non seulement il épingle les sociétés douteuse ou abusives, mais il conseille le public sur les moyens de récupér leur argent et de poursuivre en justice les malfaiteurs."
La Revue du vin de France, Octobre 2001.

"Jim Budd's campaigns are described in considerable detail on his web site,, which gives concrete advice on how to avoid being ensnared and offers detailed practical advice for those unfortunate enough to have already succumbed."
Jancis Robinson MW, Financial Times, 19th/20th January 2002.

"Investment: Investing in wine for a profit is a very risky business. If you are considering it, or worried about your wine portfolio, or being pestered by some smooth salesperson trying to sell you 10 cases of 1968 Lafite, surf this independent Web site: it could save you a fortune."
Martin Isark, Scotland on Sunday, 26th October 2003.

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